What You Need To Know Before a Vasectomy Procedure


One of the most reliable methods of birth control for men is vasectomy. Urologists usually perform a vasectomy procedure by cutting tiny openings in the scrotum and making a bilateral slit on the vas deferens. This is to stop sperm from getting to the seminal fluid during ejaculation.

Vasectomy has been proven more effective than oral contraception and the use of condoms as a method of birth control although it takes like three months before every sperm is gotten rid of from the semen. Therefore, if you and your partner have decided on long time means of birth control, try a vasectomy procedure.

A vasectomy procedure is usually effective and safe

Vasectomy can be performed either by administering a pain-relieving drug on the scrotum to make the procedure painless or by giving the patient a sedative while they are in a conscious state. A vasectomy procedure is often the same regardless of the anesthesia that is given to the patient.

After a vasectomy, sperm will not be able to leave the testicles and most men can resume work in a couple of days. They can also start their regular exercises and start having sex in a week.

Getting a vasectomy will not have any adverse effect on sexual performance

The process of vasectomy does not reduce sex drive, or the ability to get an erection and have orgasms. This is because only half of the ejaculation is from the testicle while the rest is from the prostate and seminal vesicles.

In addition, having a vasectomy will slowly reduce the sperm count therefore, it is important not to stop other contraception until sperm is no more in the semen. However, in case a couple who has undergone a vasectomy decides to have children in the nearest future, the vasectomy procedure is reversible.


Vasectomy is one of the most practiced and effective methods of Planned Parenthood. It is a good decision for men who have agreed with their partners not to use any other birth control methods such as contraceptive pills.

Going through a vasectomy procedure makes men sterile so that they can engage in sexual relations without getting a woman pregnant in the nearest future.

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