What is the Salary for Front-End Developers in India


Front-end development is responsible for user experience management. In other words, front-end development involves steps that manage the way users interact with a website, read its content, or actions they perform on it.

Front-end development is thus essential to design a website with easy access and reduce confusion among users. Considering its importance and growing demand, front-end developers are hired by companies at lucrative salary packages. If you are planning to pursue BCA, a career in front end development can be a good option for you. Find out who is a front-end developer and what is the front-end developer’s salary in India.

Who is a Front-End Developer?

The part of the website with which users interact is known as the front end. The things that you see on a website such as menus, forms, sliders, dropdowns, etc. are a combination of programming languages such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and JavaScript. A front-end developer is someone who handles the coding of a client’s website and implements a website design. A front-end developer takes care of different website layers and combines them to deliver a better user experience.

The different layers of a website include functionality, structure, data, design and content. Hence, front-end developers integrate all the website elements to ensure that users do not find it difficult to navigate a website. They also ensure the optimal display of a website on different browsers and devices.

Following are some of the responsibilities of front-end developers:

  • Develop and maintain the user interface and enhance user experience
  • Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop concepts
  • Ensure optimal viewing of a website on different devices
  • Make the website easily accessible and interactive for the users
  • Manage software workflow
  • Fix bugs and test usability
  • Follow SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practices

Average Salary of a Front-End Developer in India

The front-end developer’s salary depends on several factors such as skill set, experience, location, and organisation. If you have adequate knowledge of the field and good skill sets, you can get high salary packages.

As a front-end developer in India, you can earn an average salary of ₹4.85 lakhs per annum, which can go up to ₹10 lakhs per annum as per your experience. Find out how a front-end web developer’s salary varies considering the following factors:

  • Salary based on skills

A front-end developer having expertise in JavaScript can earn a salary of ₹5.07 lakhs per annum. On the other hand, you can earn an average salary of ₹5 lakhs per annum if you have expertise in AngularJS, while a salary of ₹5.87 lakhs if you have knowledge about ReactJS. You can also check the salary for BCA graduates to understand the current market trends.

Moreover, experts in Backbone.js are paid 96 percent more than individuals who do not have the skill. Further, skills in jQuery mobile can help earn 44 percent more salary than others. You must also note that other skills such as HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap don’t have much effect on the salary hike.

  • Salary based on experience

If you are a fresher in the front-end development field or have one year of experience, you can earn an average salary of ₹3.03 lakhs per annum. On the other hand, if you are a junior front-end developer with one-four years of experience, you can earn an average salary of ₹4.52 lakhs per annum, while five-nine years of experience can help you fetch an average salary of ₹8.81 lakhs. Further, with ten or more years of experience, you can earn up to ₹14.35 lakhs per annum as a front-end developer.

  • Salary by location

The front-end developer salary in India varies with cities or locations due to the varying cost of living. The salary of a front-end developer in India’s popular cities is as follows:

City Average salary (per annum)
New Delhi ₹4.91 lakhs
Mumbai ₹4.65 lakhs
Hyderabad ₹4.90 lakhs
Chennai ₹4.72 lakhs
Pune ₹4.88 lakhs
Bangalore ₹5.73 lakhs
  • Salary based on the organisation

The following table shows the average front-end developer salary in different companies:

Company Average Base Salary
Infosys ₹4.22 lakhs
Accenture ₹6.72 lakhs
Tata Consultancy Services ₹4.50 lakhs
Wipro ₹4.59 lakhs
Freshworks ₹6.95 lakhs
Capgemini ₹7.29 lakhs
Tech Mahindra ₹4.82 lakhs
Amazon ₹7 lakhs
IBM ₹9.50 lakhs
Sapient ₹9.83 lakhs


With the rapid developments in the web and increased use of technology, the demand for skilled front-end developers is at an all-time high. Hence, pursuing a career in front-end development can be a lucrative choice, allowing you to earn higher salaries at some of the top companies in India and abroad.

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Do front-end developers get paid less than back-end developers?

Back-end development is a more technical task. Hence, back-end developers are usually paid more than front-end developers. But both professions can help you earn higher salaries depending on experience, company, skills and location.

What is the average salary for a front-end developer?

As a front-end developer in India, you can earn an average salary of ₹4.85 lakhs per annum, which can extend up to ₹10 lakhs per annum.

What is the salary range for remote front-end developers?

The salary range of a remote front-end developer can be between ₹3.4-4.4 lakhs.

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