University of Phoenix and Northwest Career College Enable Students to Earn Accessible, Affordable Degrees


This fall, University of Phoenix entered into its latest transfer pathway agreement with a community college. The University with Northwest Career College, based in Las Vegas, to provide college students with a straightforward progression route that allows them to pursue a degree at a reduced cost.

This alliance came on the heels of the transfer pathway agreements that the University signed with Metropolitan Community College and Casper College earlier this year.

These agreements, formally known as a 3+1 Transfer Pathway Programs, enable students to work through the general course requirements of their selected degrees while still at college. Then, they can complete their bachelor’s degrees in as little as one year at University of Phoenix.

Accommodating Nontraditional Learners

Given their shared values, Northwest Career College and University of Phoenix make ideal alliance members. Both aim to improve accessibility to higher education, particularly for students who study around other commitments such as work or childcare. Many students at both the College and the University are working adults, which is why these organizations are keen to offer nontraditional routes to education.

The transfer pathway agreement allows students to complete degrees that can prepare them for fulfilling careers in industries such as healthcare, behavioral sciences, psychology and information technology. Some of the degree programs available through this agreement include degrees in Nursing, Health Management, IT and Business.

Skills-Focused Degrees

The degree programs available through the transfer pathway program aim to help students develop industry-relevant skills. Not only has University of Phoenix carefully crafted each curriculum so students can hone skills that align with relevant creative industries, but the University also recruits instructors who have a wealth of experience in these industries.

While each University instructor has a thorough theoretical understanding of course content and context, they’ve also worked in practical roles and have the expertise to help students gain the skills they need to thrive in their future careers. The average faculty member has more than 27 years of professional experience, and 85 percent of students in a University survey said they would recommend their instructors.

As students develop real-world skills, the University awards them with digital badges, which students can acquire from the online platform Credly for the attention of prospective employers. In the nine months running up to June 2022, the University awarded more than 12,000 digital badges to students taking undergraduate, graduate and professional development courses.

Through its industry-relevant courses, University of Phoenix supports students (by preparing them effectively for their careers) and employers (by shaping candidates who can benefit modern workforces). Working with community colleges like Northwest Career College supports the development of workforces in communities across the U.S.

Affordable, Accessible Degree Programs

University of Phoenix has drawn up generous policies that allow college students to use prior eligible credits to cover nearly 75 percent of their bachelor’s degrees. Students can transfer a maximum of 87 credits toward these degrees, and those who transfer all 87 credits only need to complete another 33 credits to finish their degree program.

This means these students only need to complete 11 classes and can graduate in just 14 months. The University makes its courses as versatile as possible by allowing students to study these courses, many of which begin each month, one at a time in five-week increments.

Reduced Tuition Fees

The University waives tuition fees for each transfer pathway student’s first course, allowing them to save $1,220. University of Phoenix also allows students to access the rest of their courses at an associate degree transfer tuition rate, which allows them to save $144 on each course (equivalent to $1,584 for 11 courses). This way, students can enjoy a total saving of $2,804.

College Credit for Learning Experiences

On top of this, students can earn college credit for their previous learning experiences to count toward their degrees. Students can apply for this credit by evidencing their learning experiences through documentation of on-the-job training, workplace certifications, military service and other experiences. University of Phoenix doesn’t charge to assess these applications. Receiving college credit for learning experiences can help students save yet more money on their degrees and accelerate their progress toward graduation.

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About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is dedicated to helping adult and nontraditional learners advance their educational goals and supporting students as they navigate career options and select degree programs that best suit their interests. These degree programs correspond with a broad range of desirable career paths including those in cybersecurity, nursing and business. Students can benefit from flexible start dates, online classes and numerous scholarship opportunities, all of which the University provides so that anyone can earn the degree they need. Meanwhile, University of Phoenix’s Career Services for Life® commitment to active students and graduates provides the resources needed to be prepared when entering the workforce for no additional charge. These resources include resume and interview support, career guidance, and education and networking opportunities. For more information, visit

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