The Best Spots for People Watching According to Arlo Hotel


Now that COVID-19 and related restrictions are slowing down, there’s more people out at shops, restaurants, and at the parks. In New York City, this means a return to the usual hustle and bustle that makes the city famous. To enjoy the unique character and people of NYC, we recommend our Arlo Hotel guests participate in some good people watching, an age-old and free activity. While it’s possible to see people by simply standing on any bustling Manhattan corner, there are some areas where the people watching are especially entertaining.

First on the Arlo Hotel people watching list is Grand Central Terminal. The historical terminal itself is gorgeous and filled with old architecture and charm. Visitors come here to reenact their favorite movie scenes or to catch a train out to Connecticut or other parts of New York. Around 750,000 people pass through Grand Central Terminal every day. This includes confused visitors who have trouble finding the right track, Wall Street workers headed home on their regular train, and tens of thousands of people who come to look at the astrological ceiling and iconic clock. It’s a great blend of tourists and locals who come to the terminal for different reasons and on varying schedules. Sit back and enjoy.

During nice summer days, head to Central Park for a stroll or grab a spot on the Great Lawn or inSheep’s Meadow. Locals utilize the park every day, whether it’s for a frisbee toss, sunbathing, or to go for a run. Grab a slice from a top pizzeria, find a bench or a blanket spot, and watch people for thirty minutes pass the time. Take a breath and soak in the New York City experience while you reflect on your trip.

To experience significant crowds, head to Times Square. You don’t need to stay long to enjoy groups of tourists snapping hundreds of pics while they capture one of the city’s most recognizable intersections.

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