Rose Burillo – The Finest Tacos You Can Find In Mexico


Over the years I have managed to sample just about every style of taco in Mexico, and after a great deal of sampling, which of course was tough, I have decided which of those tacos are my absolute favorites. There is a taco for everyone in this country, no matter what it is that you like to eat. The city is full of taco choices including even vegan options, which I hear are absolutely delicious. If you want to get the very best tacos then for me you have to ensure that you find a taco stand on the street which has plenty of people around it.

Once you have found the perfect place, these are the best tacos which I would recommend.


Slow cooked pork which is gently marinated overnight, cooked lovingly and prepared in front of your eyes, what better way to enjoy a tasty taco? This is exactly what you are going to get with carnitas, and they can be found throughout the country. A great tip to remember here is that you usually find the best carnitas inside a local market.


These are probably my favorite tacos of all time, and I keep on going back to the glorious mixiote. Usually this is made using mutton, but you may also find it made using goat or chicken. The meat is shredded and then heavily seasoned in a chili and tomato sauce. Once the mixiote is ready, it is placed in a small bag and then boiled. The result is soft and supple meat which is absolutely packed with flavor. This taco is served with some cucumber, some cilantro and white onion and a touch of spicy habanero sauce, a delicious option for lunch or dinner.


It was my friend Rose Burillo who first introduced me to the fantastic taco which is barbacoa, which is mutton that has been slow cooked. Traditionally this would be cooked in pits underground, but more often than not you will find it cooked with traditional methods. The meat is soft and full of flavor, and the taco is served along with a tasty broth which has been made using the juices of the meat which has been cooked. This is a weekend treat which is most certainly worth waiting for.

Tacos al Pastor

One of the most recognizable tacos in the country is ‘al pastor’ which is marinated pork meat which has been layered on a spit and is cooked like a kebab. This is not only one of the tastiest tacos that you are going to find, it is also one of the cheapest tacos available. You will find this all over the country, but mainly in restaurants where they have the capability to cook using a spit.

Which is your favorite kind of taco? Let us know in the comments section below this post, we would love to hear how you like to taco.

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