Robert Testagrossa – Keeping Your Crypto Investment Safe


There are more people than ever before looking to invest their money in a multitude of cryptocurrency coins. This has of course come about because of the sharp rises with so many of these coins have seen regarding their prices. What this has in fact lead to is more first time investors than ever before which can often mean that there are gaps in knowledge amongst those who are investing. Experts like Robert Testagrossa have warned of the dangers of these first time investors, particularly when it comes to their crypto holdings.

There are some types which people should be looking to take when it comes to keeping their crypto safe, and here are some tips on doing just that.

Sending Between Wallets

There is many wallets which you can choose to use once you have bought your crypto off the exchange. When you are seining from one place to another, you will have yo enter the 26 digit code for the wallet that you are sending to. Unfortunately however, if you make a single mistake on that code, you will have sent the money to another wallet which is not your own.  If you do this and get a digit wrong then you will have no way of retrieving that money. Remember that this is decentralized currency which means that there is no bank who can help you to get your money back. For these reasons you have to make sure that you check and double check those digits before sending.

Hacking of Funds

Thankfully hacks are happening less and less but there is no doubt that this is still a threat which you may find. Ultimately hackers know that if they are good enough to get into the wallet and actually take funds, that they are highly likely to get away with it. This is a dangerous prospect for anyone who holds crypto and it is exactly why you have to ensure that you have taken steps to secure your wallet. The wallet choice makes a big difference here and so too does the software protection which you have on your computer. For maximum protection be sure to store your funds on a physical wallet which plugs into a computer, the safest way to store your crypto.

Trash Coins

And a final point to make here is that you have to ensure that you are researching absolutely everything before you decide to invest in any kind of coin. This is because there are so many people online who will tell you that you need to buy certain coins and that they are going to do really well, when in reality they are low quality with no possibility of really increasing in value.

These are some of the reasons why you have to ensure that you are always careful when it comes to your crypto investments and that you are taking great caution with how you store and how you move your funds.

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