Online Education: Cost, Contras and Possibilities


Open education involves thousands courses on various topics, including language acquisition and improvement laptop or computer skills. Internet offers schools allowing training on full college program, but don’t supplying educational loan.


Price of online training is 3-5 occasions lower compared to traditional one. If sooner or later you understand their studies at this program ought to be better postponed for some time, you should use money-back program. Different courses mean different conditions. Some courses don’t provide such procedure, while some return a sizable part of compensated amount (retaining, say, 25% for administrative costs), provided you have requested about this not after four days after classes started, or didn’t download educational materials. When selecting virtual program and particular course, you ought to examine carefully conditions because of its payment and chance of compensated funds return.


In 1999, articles titled “Who’s killing greater education?” (Talbott, “Who’s Killing Greater Education?” EduCom Review) was printed. The writer argues “new information technologies predict the finish of greater education in the existing form”. Quality of your practice largely depends upon teacher’s personality, who plays an essential role (additionally to making certain formal training process) in shaping students’ outlook and character.

The content describes harsh prospect of the new generation awareness general “mechanization”, that will inevitably result in lack of human values and spiritual society impoverishment.

Unquestionably, new information technologies considerably change types of interaction between students and teachers, also impacting learning content. Within this situation, we still observe not destruction of excellent old education traditions, but instead birth of the new paradigm and new quality of greater education.

Summing up, we ought to note multiplication of virtual types of education represents an all natural stage in education system evolution: from classical college to virtual, i.e., from board with chalk to computer training programs, from usual library to electronic, from small study groups to virtual classroom associated with a scale, etc. Current education processes aren’t hostile, and for that reason virtual and traditional types of learning shouldn’t be viewed as mutually exclusive. Today good education means synthesis of numerous types of acquiring understanding and today’s technology, optimal combination merely a student can determine.

An issue concerning the degree students receives upon graduation is essential. This will depend on training center or program course. In some instances, you feel the owner of the private educational center course certificate, in other people – you get a so-known as education credit identified by universites and colleges with traditional type of training.

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