Importance of GATE Question Papers From Previous Years


The General Aptitude Test for Engineering exam (GATE) is a national level, computer-based test that aims at testing the skills and knowledge of undergraduates in the subjects concerning engineering and tech. Thus, it is crucial for a GATE candidate to score excellent scores if they wish to seek admission in some of the top-notch universities like IITs and NITs for M.Tech/ M.E programs. It is one of the primary reasons for the hype about this exam.

Some other important reasons include admission into Ph.D. programs, getting a secure job in PSUs (public sector undertakings), clearing other entrance exams like ONGC, DRDO, etc., and bagging a better post in the private sector. Every year, about a million candidates attempt this exam. Thus, one must have a commendable preparation to crack this exam with an excellent score and secure a safe spot on the merit list.

If you are also an aspirant, then you might already be planning a study routine, since the exams are getting closer. Are you curious about the difficulty level of papers, preparation tips, the pattern of questions, coverage of the syllabus, etc.? Well, mock tests, solving sample papers, and covering the syllabus with better study materials will definitely help. But experts suggest that solving the GATE question paper from previous years will help you move up the ladder of preparation and provide you with a glimpse of how a real GATE exam would be. Let us understand why these are so important.

Why Solve GATE Question Papers From Previous Years?

The GATE previous years’ question papers are just like breadcrumbs on a trail. Following them diligently will help you in understanding the exam’s difficulty levels and writing answers accordingly. Here is how:

      Students will get a good experience of all the types of questions that appear in the exams and be prepared for them in advance.

      Many times, some very easy questions also appear in a tricky way. You will be able to understand and answer these questions in less time. Thus, the previous years’ papers will help in increasing your speed and accuracy.

      The marking scheme of the exam varies from paper to paper and section to section. Solving question papers from previous years will give you a fair idea of this difference in the marking scheme.

      You can analyze your level of preparation and look for the sections that require more attention. Knowing your strong and weak areas beforehand would be a plus point in the process of preparation.

      An aspirant will develop better time management skills and commendable speed.

      Candidates will be able to gauge the pattern of questions and the type of answers they must write. As a result, it will boost their confidence in the long run.

Long story short, solving GATE question papers from previous years is a step you cannot skip. But it is definitely not enough. One must also solve practice tests, sample papers, etc., to crack the exams with the best scores.

Which Years To Target?

There is no point in solving question papers that are over a decade old. As technology evolves over the years, old theories get discarded, more information gets added, and the syllabus gets altered a lot. Referring to an old question paper may create errors in the concept and understanding of the subjects. Thus, we would advise the candidates to solve question papers from the past five years only:

      GATE 2021 Question Paper

      GATE 2020 Question Paper

      GATE 2019 Question Paper

      GATE 2018 Question Paper

      GATE 2017 Question Paper

You can also choose to solve only the GATE 2021 Question Paper along with 2020 and 2019, as the pandemic has brought some new information in the arena of science and technology. Nevertheless, try to cover the entire syllabus before the exams and clarify all doubts with a reliable online and offline syllabus. Best of luck with your exams!


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