How to Know if You Qualify for an AFFF Lawsuit


AFFF or Aqueous Film Forming Foam has been found to cause cancer and severe illness in those that are exposed to the substance. Recently, lawsuits have been brought against the companies that manufacture this product due to the known risks posed by the chemicals used in AFFF production.

If you are unsure whether or not you qualify for an AFFF lawsuit, contact a skilled AFFF lawyer today.

What is AFFF?

AFFF is a fire fighting solution that quickly snuffs out flames. Unfortunately, the product contains chemical compounds known as PFAS which have been correlated with the development of cancers such as:

  • Blood Cancers;
  • Breast Cancer;
  • Renal Cancer;
  • Hepatic Cancer;
  • And many other types.

Where is AFFF Used?

Because AFFF works so well at quickly and efficiently putting out dangerous fires, it is often used in:

  • Military bases. With high-powered military operations taking place, there’s always a chance that a fire could ignite. Therefore, there needs to be an easy way to put out the fire before it spreads to other portions of the facility.
  • Oil fields. It stands to reason that AFFF would be readily available at oil refineries and fields where a small fire could become a gigantic blaze in no time at all, if it isn’t quickly controlled.
  • Chemical production facilities. When hazardous chemicals are being produced and used for various purposes, it’s critical that these facilities have a way to keep fires from reaching the dangerous chemical compounds.

Firefighters also often use the substance for difficult fires that could quickly spread out of control if they are not addressed immediately.

AFFF and Cancer

While AFFF is great for fire suppression, it has unfortunately been found to be a “possible human carcinogen” by the IARC.

AFFF doesn’t just affect those in direct contact with it such as firefighters and military personnel, the substance can also find its way into the water supply of nearby neighborhoods and businesses, putting all those living in the surrounding area at risk.

AFFF Lawyers: How Can They Help You?

It can be difficult to determine how much compensation a person should receive due to AFFF-related cancer. It is made even more difficult when you try to do so without the help of an experienced AFFF lawyer. These experts have worked on cases involving AFFF and PFAS exposure for years and know how to get you the most possible compensation.

Not only will working with an AFFF lawyer help you get more compensation, you’ll also help to educate the public about the issue so that your neighbors and others living near facilities using AFFF can become more aware of the risks involved. The more people who speak out against the use of these chemicals, the easier it will be to get them off the market.

If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis and believe it may be due to AFFF exposure, contact a lawyer today. You’ll have enough to worry about with your medical treatments and other concerns, let your lawyer handle the legal aspects.

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