How to Get Started with Snorkeling in Australia


Australia is seen as a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts due to its stunning coral reefs and diverse marine life. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a complete beginner, the country’s clear waters and vibrant underwater ecosystems offer an unforgettable learning and sensory experience. But how do you get started with snorkeling in Australia, and what’s required to become competent? This article will go over everything you need to know regarding how to get started with snorkeling in Australia, from the basics through to how to choose a good snorkeling spot.

Understand the Basics of Snorkeling

While snorkeling is a relatively easy activity to pick up, understanding the basics is crucial. This includes learning how to use the snorkel and mask, how to breathe through the snorkel and how to clear water from your snorkel. It’s also essential to learn about safety practices, such as never snorkeling alone and being aware of currents and marine life.

Choose the Right Equipment

Good quality snorkeling equipment can significantly enhance your underwater experience. When choosing a snorkel mask, ensure it fits well and provides a clear view. A snorkel with a purge valve can make it easier to clear water. Fins aren’t always necessary but can help you move more efficiently in the water. Many snorkeling spots in Australia offer equipment rental, but having your own gear can be more comfortable and hygienic.

Select a Snorkeling Spot

Australia boasts numerous great snorkeling spots. The Great Barrier Reef is the most famous, offering an array of colourful corals and marine species. Other excellent locations include Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, Jervis Bay in New South Wales and the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Generally, choosing a good spot for snorkeling in Australia really comes down to finding a snorkeling environment that suits your comfort level and interests for what you want to see underwater.

Consider a Guided Tour

For beginners, joining a guided snorkeling tour can be a great way to get started. Guides can provide safety briefings, equipment and local knowledge about the best snorkeling spots and marine life. They can also offer assistance in the water, making your snorkeling experience safer and more enjoyable. A guided tour can additionally provide the chance to meet like-minded individuals and possibly form a group for snorkeling in the future.

Respect the Marine Environment

When snorkeling in Australia, it’s crucial to respect the marine environment. Avoid touching or standing on corals, as this can cause damage. Be mindful of marine life and keep a safe distance. Remember, you’re a visitor in their home and any interruptions to these organisms and ecosystems can have very real long-term consequences. You should also follow the principles of ‘Leave No Trace’, ensuring you don’t leave any rubbish or traces of unnatural substances behind.


With its world-class snorkeling locations and abundant marine life, Australia offers an incredibly unique opportunity to explore the underwater world. To get started with snorkeling in Australia, you’ll need to understand the basics, choose the right equipment, select a snorkeling spot and respect the marine environment.

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