How to create an Instagram business account


If you are going to have any success on Instagram, you need to understand that this is a platform that is meant for in-the-moment content. That means that you have to invest the resources required to create and post content on a regular basis so as to stay relevant to your audience. You need to keep your profile up to date as much as possible to that your audience stays engaged. In this short article, I will look at the steps you need to take to create and maintain a successful Instagram profile.

To create an account, you will need to start by downloading and installing the Instagram account on your phone. You can download the app from the Google Play Store. After you have successfully installed the app, you should open it and when you do, it will prompt you to login using your Facebook login credentials or to create a new account using your phone number or email. If you choose to sign up for a new account, you need to use your business email. You will be asked for your full name, but you should fill in the name of your business. This is the name that will be displayed on your profile. You will then be asked to choose a unique username that people will identify your account by. The username you pick should be simple to identify. Your username shouldn’t give you much worry because you can always change it in your account’s settings.

Once you have filled in your name and created as username, you should now embark on choosing a profile picture. You should choose a picture that is relevant to your business or yourself and you should ensure that it is of good quality. You can use your logo if you like. With your profile picture done, you should start working on your bio next. You will have a maximum of 150 characters to write your bio. As a result, you should be concise and to the point. Bios can’t be searched so you shouldn’t worry about keywords and hashtags.

While writing your bio, you should encourage users to take certain actions such as visiting your website. You should add a clickable URL link so that it can take users straight to your site when they click on it. You want to avoid making your site cluttered by using a link shortener to keep your clickable link short and nice. You should use tracked URL so that you know how much traffic your Instagram account is generating for your website.

Finally, you need to check your account’s settings to ensure that everything is fine. You can access your account’s setting through the three stacked dots at the top right hand corner of your homepage. In your settings, you can enable or disable notifications, change the password, and see the posts you have liked among many others. when you are done with your settings, you need to start garnering followers. You will need to learn about the various ways you can get free IG followers fast.

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