Earnity and BitNile: Making Cryptocurrency More Welcoming Thanks to Dan Schatt


Founded by Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, Earnity is an emerging cryptocurrency investment company. The Earnity team is composed of a group of ardent seasoned fintech individuals who believe that managing crypto must be more straightforward and user-friendly. Through a $15 million Series A investment led by Bitcoin mining company BitNile, Earnity raised over $20 million in 2021. That said, it must be acknowledged that there were other participants in the round, including Thorney, an Australian Securities Exchange-listed company, and NGC Ventures, a blockchain fund.

Recently, Ault Global Holdings, Inc., the publicly traded parent company of BitNile, announced its intention to divide itself into two companies. The firm will be handing the Ault Alliance business side to its stockholders, with the BitNile half continuing to pursue data center operations, Bitcoin mining, and DeFi products development. With this move, BitNile joins Earnity in curating an innovative financial marketplace for tokens—a platform that permits users to earn, collect, and gift tokens and digital portfolios, all while learning more about cryptocurrency in a safe and community-oriented manner.

Christopher Wu, BitNile executive vice president for alternative investments, is going to be joining Earnity’s board of directors. Earnity founders Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt, along with the whole Earnity team, are thrilled to work with BitNile. The two companies share the same vision of universal access to crypto in a secure, engaging, and uncomplicated manner, all while aligning the primary premise of crypto promoting peer-to-peer interactions.

Earnity operates with passion and excitement for the future of blockchain as its entire team is committed to building exciting and innovative crypto products they believe will become industry standards. BitNile joins Earnity in revolutionizing crypto, ensuring products and protocols are more welcoming and approachable for everyone worldwide.

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