Dr Curtis Cripe – Preparing for a Tough Winter


Sadly we are not completely out of the woods yet with regards to the global pandemic and whilst there is a lot of positive news going around, we have to make sure that we are prepared for the coming winter. This is the opinions of medical professionals and those like Dr Curtis Cripe who have been under pressure over the last 12 months and still tried to offer help and advice to those in need. The vaccines which we have may require a booster jab in the winter months and as much of the resistance fall and the colder weather brings increased pressure on hospitals, we have to be in the best mindset possible for a tough few months this winter.

The best way to prepare is to focus on you and your family, and here is what the medical experts are telling us we should be doing.

Focus on Immunity

The first focus which we all have to make is ensuring that we have strong immune systems which can take on any kind of virus or infection. The way to do this is through ensuring that you are eating plenty of foods and supplements which boost the immune system. Taking a daily dose of vitamin C is a great idea, and making sure that you get your 5 fruits and veggies each day is critical. Vitamin D is another supplement which you could consider if you are not getting enough sun, especially during the darker, winter months.

Attention To Fitness

If you are not in the shape that you wish to be in, now  is the time to get yourself focused on the winter months and aim to lose some weight and improve your fitness. We know that this is a virus which can cause real problems to those who are out of shape, and that is why it makes sense for us to get prepared and get in shape. This may not be the magical cure to the virus but at the very least it will give you a better chance of beating it off when you have had it.

Mental Preparation

We all hope that it doesn’t come to it, but we have to recognize the possibility of another lockdown in order to stop a rising spread of the virus. If this happens we should all ensure that we are absolutely prepared, and we can learn lessons from the past in order to make sure that we are. The key to surviving lockdown is having things to do, which is why it would be a good plan to prep this ahead of time. Making sure that you have hobbies that you can learn, games to play and even courses to study, will make sure that you are completely sane during lockdown and that you get through it with more ease than those which have gone before.

The hope is that winter is no better or worse than right now, but the reality is that we just don’t know.

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