Deliver Great Client Experience with a Motivated Medical Spa Team


As a client, we are used to receiving high quality services. However, did you know that receiving great service leads to a high sense of satisfaction and triggers the response of feeling important and loved? The truth is that great service not only makes the client feel elated but also ensures that they repeatedly patronize the business. Beauty salons, luxury spa, medical spa, and fitness studios know it too well that their survival depends on their clients patronizing them. Thus, it is hardly surprising that nowadays almost every business within the beauty and wellness industry focuses on providing excellent customer experience. However, it must be borne in mind that the quality of your service depends strictly upon the skills and the motivation of your team. Therefore, in order to provide the best in class experience it is important to keep your team highly motivated. Read along to know the best tips that can help your medical spa provide superior customer experience.

Delegate Decision Making Authority

One of the best ways to motivate the team, and the stakeholders is by empowering them to take decisions. It is important to teach your team, based on the hierarchy, to be able to take decisions. They should not have to run to the management for every small decision. Instead, based on the client’s requirements, and the need of the hour they should be able to think on their feet and take on-spot decisions. For instance, if an employee feels that a certain client should get some discount to compensate for some mistake or just because they visit the med spa rather frequently, then let them take that decision. As a manager or an owner, your responsibility is to monitor that the benefit is reaching to the eligible person and leading to the desired results ie. happy customer, confident team and successful organization.

Streamline Administrative Procedures

We all know that running a med spa involves juggling between a lot of repetitive and often overlapping administrative procedures such as booking and scheduling appointments, maintaining client files, invoicing, processing payments, managing inventory and gathering client feedback. Doing these administrative processes manually would result in your team feeling over worked and feeling burnt out. Thankfully, nowadays, by leveraging technology, in the form of a medical spa software, you can streamline all the administrative procedures. As a result, your team is free from running cumbersome procedures and can focus on the prime deliverable i.e. high quality customer service. Some of the renowned medical spa software available today are Zenoti, Aesthetics Pro, BePos etc.

Train & Upskill

No matter how good the remuneration, or how easy the work there will be many moments when your team members will feel under utilized or ill qualified. One of the ways to overcome this is to ensure that the team members are given adequate training to upskill themselves. Multiple studies have shown that employees are willing to give their 100% when they know that they’re getting something intangible in return and enhancing their skills. Thus, periodic training sessions, or reviewing of customer interactions to know what can be improved to provide better customer service goes a long way in motivating the team. Training should include both hard and soft skills.

Encourage building a personal rapport

The medical spa business works mostly on trust. Irrespective of the time that potential clients spend on research, when customers undergo elective procedure they do tend to get anxious. It is at this instant that the team of cosmetologists, technicians etc should be able to effectively communicate with the client and allay their fears. As a manager you should encourage team members to develop and use his or her own signature style of communication and create a rapport with the client. When clients and employees create a personal rapport, both of them are highly unlikely to drift apart.

Appreciate Achievements

Your med spa is as successful as your team members are. Therefore, it is important to compliment your team members for their outstanding efforts. The appreciation can be shown in multiple ways. These could be as simple as acknowledging their contribution on the social media page of the business to rewarding them with gift vouchers or cash. One of the ways you can easily recognize your team’s contribution on social media page is by deploying a medical spa software. Another easy way to appreciate outstanding efforts of your team is to send a personalized thank you note to the high achievers and acknowledge their contribution in building your medical spa brand.

A highly motivated team will treat the medical spa as their own business and will go extra mile to make it successful. If trained correctly, they will not only focus on delivering the best in class experience but also will ensure that the clients continue to patronize the business.

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