Cooking with Duck Confit – Know What You Can Try in Your kitchen


Most of the duck meat lovers declare duck confit as one of the best dishes in the world. There are a lot of ways to consume it and enjoy its taste. Confit is the French word, which means preserved. Duck confit is the method of cooking food slowly and preserving it in the fat.

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Cooking with duck confit

If you search for duck confit recipe online each recipe will have nearly 24 steps that needs more duck fat nearly 10 liters, which means a lot of effort and time. Get enough fat from duck skin by baking it, a simple technique that need zero effort.

Just season duck legs, let it sit whole night, and bake it for 3 or 4 hours. This is all you need to make delicious duck confit.

Confit adds a delicious taste to any dish. The following are few ideas to enjoy duck confit along with other dishes.

Pasta with duck confit

Toss duck confit with your desired pasta, and then add duck egg fry over it with running yolk for mouth-watering pasta dish. You can also prepare pasta by adding shredded confit on the top.

Sandwich with duck confit

Confit is the main attraction in a variety of sandwiches and you can try it along with BBQ sauce. Shred duck confit, add it to your favorite sandwich and enjoy it in the morning or evening.

Salad with duck confit

Whether grilled or baked in oven, shredded confit is the perfect match with salad. It makes you refreshed and bright with its ultimate taste.

Nachos with duck confit

Add duck meat in place of beef, layer the nachos with it and serve them on a treat to make it more special.

Biscuits with duck confit

These food classics become tastier by adding some shredded confit to it.

In addition to these, you can also include duck confit with other foods like beans, shepherd’s pie, gravy, and more.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, duck confit is one of the best choices that offer a great taste with any food. There are many online vendors who sell duck meat and its products, choose the best one and order today.

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