Basic Strip Club Etiquette in Las Vegas


Planning on going to a strip club in Vegas? Then check out this ultimate strip club etiquette to the sexiest and most luxurious topless clubs in Las Vegas. Let’s get straight to the point; Las Vegas strip clubs are expensive. Only getting inside the door really costs money in the flashiest clubs.

Luckily, you can save some cash by shopping around and comparing prices before entering one of the more popular “tattooed” clubs. What can one expect in Vegas strip clubs? Usually they’ll have beautiful women and lots of alcohol. The downside is you’ll likely be the only male in the club at any given time. So here are some tips on how to make the most out of your visit.

Most male strippers in Vegas work on commission, so they do what they want when they want. For that reason it’s important not to take offense or insult the dancers in the strip club. While you definitely shouldn’t mind seeing the strippers, don’t try to take any photos without their consent, and most importantly, always be respectful of the girls. Some men can be very boisterous and loud, and the women working the clubs are often also there for a reason, so don’t be boisterous and disrespectful of them, especially the girls working the clubs.

When you see one of the beautiful women working at the clubs and you give her a wink or smile, don’t immediately tell the other patrons that you found her attractive. She may be working alone and not in a group, so be discreet and continue to look at other patrons. Most of the strip club etiquette guidelines pertain to men, but there is still a bit of female strip club etiquette that is important for all women who choose to work in the male-oriented clubs. The same is true of the touching strippers.

Most of the strip clubs have separate areas for the men and women but there may be some that have little dividing line. Women sometimes feel the need to make the divide a point of attention by either holding their own against a particular dancer, or making the line up with another dancer. It’s best to remember that the dancers are working at the strip clubs to earn a living.

Therefore, when you start touching them or giving them a lap dance, they will have every right to be offended. However, if you’re trying to decide whether it’s a good time to approach a particular dancer, remember that she might be working alone at night and be busier than the typical daytime employee. If you’ve had a good time and the dancer seems happy for the moment, don’t force it, and don’t be alarmed if she tells you no because by law she has to let you know before she lets you come into the club.

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